MORE THAN $480 MILLION COLLECTED FOR OUR CLIENTS SINCE 2002                    $ 1.56 Billion Judgment Grefer v. Exxon jury verdict for owners of property contaminated with radioactive waste (aka TENORM or NORM) from a the operation of a pipe yard. The firm acted as lead counsel for the litigation team. The judgment was later reduced to $168 million with judicial interest. Final amount collected exceeded $200 million.                    $ 15 million judgment Craft v. ITCO jury verdict in favor of worker who died from lung cancer following exposure to radioactive pipe scale during employment in a pipe yard. The firm acted as lead counsel. Case later settled for a confidential amount.                    $ 2.4 million settlement Workers exposed to phenol during maintenance of a vessel.                    $ 35 + million settlement Residents exposed to coal slurry waste injected into groundwater. The residents alleged cancer and other health complaints caused by drinking water. The firm acted as part of the litigation team.                    $ 2 million + settlement Contaminated Commercial Property concerning property leased to a pipe yard.                    $ 180 million + settlement Murphy Oil Spill Class action litigation. Oil tank ruptured during Hurricane Katrina flooding releasing crude oil into a residential subdivision. The firm served as a member of the executive committee for Plaintiffs' Class Action Counsel.                    $ 8 million settlement Property contaminated during commercial lease for oil field operations. The firm acted as lead counsel for the litigation team.                    $ 4 + million settlement Worker diagnosed with leukemia and exposed to radioactive and other toxic materials while working in pipe yards.                    $ 30 + million settlements Recoveries for various workers suffering from cancer and other injuries due to exposure to hazardous and toxic materials while working in oil fields, industrial sites, and pipe yards.                    $ 2 million judgment Wilson v. Jani King jury verdict in favor or worker who sustained serious bodily injury after falling at work due to the negligence of a janitorial service. Firm acted as lead counsel.                    $ 15 million settlement Environmental cleanup and damages to commercial properties leased for pipe yard operations and other industrial activities. Firm acted as lead counsel.                    $ 2 million judgment Hazelwood v. Chevron jury verdict in favor of property owners who claimed damages caused by oil and gas operations. Firm was part of the litigation team.                    $ 10 + million settlements BP Oil Spill settlements for businesses and individuals who sustained economic loss and property damage due to the Deepwater Horizon Disaster. Firm represents individuals and businesses as part of a litigation team.
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The New Orleans environmental law attorneys at SmithStag, LLC provide skilled legal services for clients in Louisiana and through association with law firms in other jurisdictions, also represents clients in environmentally related plaintiff personal injury, mass tort and toxic tort cases in other states, including West Virginia, Pennsylvania, Texas, Mississippi, Kentucky, Alabama and Florida.


Known for their reputation as top litigators, SmithStag, LLC has a wealth of experience and in-depth knowledge in the areas of radioactive oilfield waste litigation, toxicology, engineering and admiralty law in seeking justice for individuals and communities with environmental damage, personal injury and wrongful death claims.


Our trial attorneys have earned the respect of courts, judges, regulatory authorities, our peers and clients for our trial and appellate work in Louisiana state and federal courts, the U. S. Court of Appeals, Fifth and the U. S. Supreme Court.


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